Shemakha is an ancient city of Azerbaijan, capital of the kingdom of Shirvan residence of Shirvanshahs and one of the most beautiful cities of the East, a homeland of Khagani, Nasimi, M. A. Sabir. From the middle of XVIII century it was the centre of Shemakhan Khanate.   The unique nature, mild climate and mineral springs provide this district with special beauty. One of the favorite by mountain climbers peaks, Badabag, is located here.   The most favorite place of pilgrimage for tourists is the settlement Pirkuli which is located  at the distance of 22 km from the centre of the district at an altitude of 1400 m. There are all conditions for skiing in winter and summer riding.    The biggest astrophysical observatory in Azerbaijan and in Caucasus is also in the village Pirkuli. Obseratory named by NasreddinTusi is equipped with modern facilities and with one of the largest in the CIS telescope with a mirror of 2 m by diameter.